I am [Narrator]. When I have a need  to put my two cents into the Story of Nadia, I will be easily recognizable because my comments will always appear in brackets. For the most part, though, the story will unfold through the eyes of the characters. Nadia, who is 45 years old, has been a card reader since she was a young girl. Several of her clients, who  come from all walks of life, have sought her help and advice for many years. Her son, Dominic, 25 years old, reads palms and her daughter, Ilona, newly graduated from college, manages a small tea shop where she does not read tea leaves.

Since Nadia was born under the sign of Aquarius, making her magic number 22,  it is [Narrator’s] intention to add two posts every week, each consisting of two paragraphs that will move the story forward.